A native of Northern California, I spent my college years in Boston and Australia studying ecology and phylogenetics, then systematics at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, before moving to Caltech to focus on bioengineering and RNA research. I also managed the community side of Experiment, helping scientists use the internet to publicly fund their research. I'm currently the Operations Manager at Hipcamp, working to open up more land to get people outside!

Biologist, bookworm, trail runner, camera-clicker, tree climber, rock climber, generally found on a mountain summit or by the sea.

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More internet output:

Sequeira AS, Stepien CC, Tran CT, Stuckert A, Roque Albelo L, Guo W (2016). Exploring the legacy of goat grazing: signatures of habitat fragmentation on genetic patterns of endemic weevil populations in Northern Isabela Island, Galápagos (Ecuador)Conservation Genetics doi:10.1007/s10592-016-0831-8

McHugh CA, Chen CK, Chow A, Surka CF, Tran C, McDonel P, Pandya-Jones A, Blanco MR, Burghard C, Moradian A, Sweredoski MJ, Shishkin AA, Su J, Lander ES, Hess S, Plath K, and Guttman M (2015). The Xist lncRNA interacts directly with SHARP to silence transcription through HDAC3Nature doi:10.1038/nature14443

Temporary Places: A Week at Burning Man. (Sept. 2014) Photos for a piece written by Niina Pollari, published by Kickstarter, featuring the creative projects at Burning Man funded through their platform.

Wellesley in STEM: Christina Tran ‘11 on Experiment, crowdfunding platform for science. (May 2015) Writing for Wellesley Underground, the alternative alumnae magazine.

Editor of This is an Experiment, a space for Experiment news and interviews with scientists.